UK-Prescot: Building completion work.

UK-Prescot: Building completion work.

Preliminary Questions
This notice is for prior information only: Yes
This notice aims at reducing time-limits for receipt of tenders: No
This notice is a call for competition: No

Section I: Contracting Authority

I.1) Name and addresses:
Fusion21 Members Consortium
Unit 2 Puma Court, Kings Business Park, Prescot, L34 1PJ, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 8453082321, Email:
Main Address:, Address of the buyer profile:
Specifications and additional documents: As Above
I.2) Joint procurement:
The contract involves joint procurement: No.
The contract is awarded by a central purchasing body: Yes .

I.3) Communication
Further information can be obtained from: the above mentioned address

I.4) Type of the contracting authority
Other type:: A consortium of organisations governed by public law
I.5) Main activity:
General public services

Section II: Object

II.1) Scope of the procurement - 1
II.1.1) Title: FF&E: Workplace, Interiors, Fit-out & Specialist Facilities
Reference number:
II.1.2) Common Procurement Vocabulary:
45400000 - Building completion work.
II.1.3) Type of contract: WORKS
II.1.4) Short description:
Fusion21 is developing a new 'FF&E: Workplace, Interiors, Fit-out & Specialist Facilities' Framework to complement its construction and refurbishment frameworks. The outline scope of this PIN is to cover the fittings, furnishings and equipment that go into the shell of a building (or within its curtilage) to make it into a usable space/environment.
This PIN Notice is being used to engage with the market to support Fusion21 in shaping the new framework, ensuring
it is fit for the marketplace for the next 4 years.
Fusion21 ask Suppliers to complete a short Survey questionnaire which can be accessed at the link provided below.
II.1.5) Estimated total value:
Value excluding VAT (give figures only) : 30,000,000 - GBP
II.1.6) Information about lots:
This contract is divided into lots: Yes
Maximum number of lots that may be awarded to one tenderer: Not Provided
The contracting authority reserves the right to award contracts combining the following lots or groups of lots: Not Provided

II.2) Lot Description : 1
II.2.1) Title: FF&E: Workplace, Interiors, Fit-out & Specialist Facilities
Lot Number: 1
II.2.2) Additional CPV code(s):
39143113 - Specialist soft furnishings.
39290000 - Miscellaneous furnishing.
39516100 - Soft furnishings.
39000000 - Furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. lighting) and cleaning products.
39100000 - Furniture.
39130000 - Office furniture.
39134000 - Computer furniture.
39160000 - School furniture.
45212340 - Lecture hall construction work.
45214420 - Lecture theatre construction work.
39111000 - Seats.
39111200 - Theatre seats.
39113000 - Miscellaneous seats and chairs.
39180000 - Laboratory furniture.
39181000 - Laboratory benching.
51430000 - Installation services of laboratory equipment.
32421000 - Network cabling.
45314320 - Installation of computer cabling.
39141500 - Fume cupboards.
39155000 - Library furniture.
51121000 - Installation services of fitness equipment.
37400000 - Sports goods and equipment.
37410000 - Outdoor sports equipment.
37450000 - Field and court sports equipment.
37452000 - Racquet and court sports equipment.
37453000 - Track sports equipment.
45212220 - Multi-purpose sports facilities construction work.
45212290 - Repair and maintenance work in connection with sports facilities.
77320000 - Sports fields maintenance services.
37425000 - Gymnastic trampolines.
37441600 - Exercise trampolines.
37423000 - Gymnastic ropes or rings or climbing accessories.
37535220 - Playground climbing apparatus.
37535290 - Wall and rope climbing equipment.
37424000 - Gymnastic vaulting equipment.
37420000 - Gymnasium equipment.
37422000 - Gymnastic bars or beams.
37423200 - Gymnastic rings.
37442900 - Multi gyms.
37441100 - Treadmills.
37441300 - Stationary bicycles.
37442500 - Fitness weights.
37441400 - Rowing machines.
37441900 - Cross trainers.
37451000 - Field sports equipment.
45236110 - Flatwork for sports fields.
45236119 - Repair work on sports fields.
37535200 - Playground equipment.
43325000 - Park and playground equipment.
31500000 - Lighting equipment and electric lamps.
31527270 - Platforms lighting.
39141000 - Kitchen furniture and equipment.
39141400 - Fitted kitchens.
45212500 - Kitchen or restaurant conversion.
37441700 - Exercise balls.
39153000 - Conference-room furniture.
79933000 - Design support services.
79932000 - Interior design services.
71541000 - Construction project management services.
71530000 - Construction consultancy services.
71520000 - Construction supervision services.
45450000 - Other building completion work.
31520000 - Lamps and light fittings.
II.2.3) Place of performance:
Region Codes:
II.2.4) Description of the procurement:
Description of the procurement:
The scope of this Lot may include design services, full project management, space planning, workplace consultations and site surveys, delivery and installation, furniture, soft furnishings, Classroom/lecture room: Raked seating, Auditoriums, Science: Laboratories, fume cupboards, storage, ICT Suites: Furniture, power & lighting, structured cabling etc., Design & technology: Machines, LEV dust extract, Library: Shelving, furniture etc, Sports/Gym (Indoor): Free standing- Trampolines, Climbing Walls, Balance Benches, Vaulting Boxes/Horses, Bikes, Treadmills, Rowing Machines, cardiovascular equipment, strength equipment, Sports (Outdoors): Astro turf, running tracks, Playground equipment, Stage lighting, Catering kitchens, bike parking (sheds and storage solutions).
II.2.14) Additional information
The anticipated value of this lot is 30,000,000.00 GBP.

II.3) Estimated Date of publication

Section IV: Procedure

IV.1) Description
IV.1.8) Information about Government Procurement Agreement (GPA )
The contract is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) - YES

Section VI: Complementary Information
VI.3) Additional Information:
The Fusion21 Members Consortium is an association formed by bodies governed by public law. A copy of the Terms of Membership and a list of Members are available on our website (see section I.1).

Fusion21 is looking to engage with suppliers that can deliver the nature of works outlined in Lot 1. The final lot structure within the contract notice will include a more detailed scope of works.

The purpose of this exercise is to engage with the market so that suppliers have the opportunity to assist in shaping the Framework in a way that reflects what the market can deliver for Fusion21 Members. The lot structure outlined in this PIN Notice is not a firm commitment and is subject to change, therefore at this stage suppliers would not be expected to provide the scope of all services listed within the description.

Interested parties should note that, whilst this PIN Notice indicates the development of a Framework Agreement, some parts of the service may result in the development of a Dynamic Purchasing System instead of a Framework Agreement, but this will be determined through this early market engagement activity.

As part of our market engagement activity, Fusion21 are asking suppliers to complete a short Survey Monkey questionnaire. The questionnaire can be accessed at the link provided below:.
For more information about this opportunity, please visit the Delta eSourcing portal at:

To respond to this opportunity, please click here:
GO-2020729-PRO-16894653 TKR-2020729-PRO-16894652

VI.5) Date Of Dispatch Of This Notice: 29/07/2020