Benefits of being a Fusion21 Supplier

Fusion21 goes beyond just providing procurement services. Our unique structure and ability to provide technical support on projects means we’re able to provide our members with that little bit extra. It also means we can support you when needed.

Becoming a Fusion21 Supplier will enable access to the public sector, by providing public sector organisations with a compliant route to market that delivers value for money through a quality supply chain.

Total spend through our Frameworks to date is over £1.2billion. We currently have 230 suppliers delivering live contracts worth a combined £165million per year and these 230 suppliers represent 58% of our total supply chain.

Fusion21 category teams are able to work with your business, helping you enhance your existing offer, develop your services and win more business.

We work by developing relationships with our Suppliers from the word go. We provide support where needed and we’re always available to discuss opportunities.

As a Fusion21 Supplier you are accessible to our 500+ public sector Members. You will also have an opportunity to participate in a variety of marketing opportunities, in addition to exhibiting or speaking alongside us at events.